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Top UK attractions

There are many attractions in the UK and what you enjoy will depend on what sorts of things you are interested in. Therefore the different types of attractions will be explained so that you can choose what you will like to do.


With a large coastline, there are many beaches to explore in the UK. The south coast is very much warmer and therefore more popular but there are many different types of beaches to discover, depending on what you like. There are sand and pebble beaches, large tourist resorts and small secluded areas and you can choose from as well as different locations all over the UK.

UK attractions


If you like countryside then there is plenty across all of the UK. There are hills, meadows, forests, lakes, rivers, canals and therefore lots of different wildlife, views and footpaths to walk. There are also national parks and many conservation areas that you can look at. Most countryside is free to explore as well, but there are some areas where you will need to pay an entrance fee in order to visit.


Quaint villages are something that many people really want to see when they are visiting the UK. It is important to note that villages will be very different depending on what type of the UK you are visiting. The material the houses are made from, the way they are laid out and even whether the streets are cobbled or not will very much depend on where you visit. It is therefore worth knowing what you are hoping and expecting to see before you visit, so that you can make sure that you visit the places that you really want to see.


The cities in the UK differ a lot in what they can offer and in what the people and culture are like there. London is the capital and so will have everything you want form a big city, but some of the smaller cities can offer a very different type of atmosphere and welcome and they will still have a lot of facilities.

Theme Parks

There are only a few theme parks in the UK, the main ones being Alton Towers in Staffordshire and Thorpe Park, Chessington and Legoland all around London and Drayton Manor near to Birmingham. The UK is not known for these them parks really but each has its own unique and thrilling rides as well as family fun areas.