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Tips for visitors to UK Beaches

The UK is surrounded by coastline and therefore many people choose to go to a beach when they visit. There are many different coastal areas and it is worth considering what you want, before you choose. In some areas there are coastal paths with small quiet beaches perfect for peace and tranquillity. Other areas have busy, popular beaches full of family entertainment and tourist shops. In between there are some beaches in smaller towns, which attract some visitors but are quieter. It is worth considering what you want from a beach before you pick the one that you visit.

UK Beaches

Although beaches are cleaner these days, there are some beaches which may not be that nice. Seas can also be dirty and so many people avoid paddling or swimming, but this can very much depend on the actual beach that you choose. You may wish to avoid the sea or just make sure that you wear shoes on the beaches. It all depends on how clean that particular area is and how you feel about it.

The UK weather means that you have to be prepared for everything. Even on hot days, the beaches are windy and therefore cooler than the rest of the country. The sea breezes mean that you can burn in the sun easily without noticing so it is essential that you use sun block carefully. You will also need to be prepared for it to rain, as it often does in the UK, even during the summer months.

In the UK most people only speak English and expect everyone else to do so as well. This means that if you are travelling from abroad then you will need to make sure that you can communicate in English if you need to. Even if you are in popular tourist areas you will still find this to be the case.

You will find it difficult to find healthy food in many restaurants and cafes in the UK, but the coast seems to be worse. You may be able to get locally caught fish in some areas, but often the food is just fish and chips, cream teas or other fat and sugar laden food. If you want healthy food then you will have to either self-cater or do a lot of research to find a suitable place to eat.

The top tourist beaches will have deckchairs available to hire, but smaller beaches will not. Therefore you may need to bring your own chair to sit on or towel to lie on while on the beach. It can get quite cold so you may also want a windbreak and as there is no shade you may want an umbrella or perhaps a tent for children to sit in.