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Five of the Worlds Most Scenic Cruises

If you’ve taken the plunge and decided to go on a cruise, then congratulations! You’re going to have a great time. However, there are so many splendid destinations out there that picking just one can be hard work. That´s why we’ve put together this little list of the most renowned destinations in the world. If money were no object, these trips are a must:

The Norwegian Fjords

As the top scenic attraction in the world (according to the National Geographic, no less), its no real surprise that the simply jaw-dropping fjords are the first on this list, and that they’ve been receiving more and more attention from most popular cruise companies in recent years. Some of the main highlights of the region include the stunning Geiranger, where breath-taking waterfalls fall from the clouds and into the sea below, and the island of Spitsbergen, where over half of the land is covered with glaciers. Exploring the Fjords is simply a once-in-a-lifetime experience.


Offering almost as many beautiful winter scenes as Norway, Alaska is another extremely popular cruise destination, with wildlife, mountains and glaciers all vying for your attention as you make your way across the beautiful, pale sea. Some of the most popular sights in Alaska include the wonderful whale-watching tours, as well as the beautiful Hubbard Glacier. A tour of Alaska can also be combined with the stunning Canadian Rockies, offering you a chance to enjoy two wonderful sights in one trip an opportunity not to be turned down. Continue Reading